McKay Stands with Texas Governor Abbott and the Citizens of Texas

U.S. Senate candidate Raymond T. McKay announced last night his full support for the “Texas First” policy being enacted by Governor Abbott to protect the well-being of the citizens of Texas in the midst of the Washington, DC (Biden) administration created humanitarian crisis of illegal aliens surging, and indeed invading through an undefended southern border.

McKay stated, “The woefully understaffed border patrol with limited resources are unable to halt the illegal invasion and humanitarian crisis we are witnessing at the southern border. The federal government is responsible for protecting the sovereignty of our nation at its borders and her citizens within its borders. When the Federal government refuses to provide for the national defense, it abdicates its Constitutionally defined role of protector and that role must then fall upon the shoulders of the governors whose states have been put into harms way by the wanton neglect of the federal government . . .”

McKay continued his statement, “This week, we saw the true worth of the Biden administration as it took the State of Texas to the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) to stop Texas from protecting American land and American citizens. I fully disagree with the majority of SCOTUS voting to ignore its own 2012 ruling and instead, supporting the wayward actions of the Biden Administration as I laid out earlier in my remarks to the abdication of leadership.”

In his closing remarks, McKay finished, “I pray that the citizens of Rhode Island never have to bear what our brothers and sisters at the United States southern border states are experiencing. The current four members of the Rhode Island congressional delegation have been less then helpful with their actions and remarks about the southern border, so we should not expect true leadership from them if that crisis happens here.”