McKay Blasts Biden's Border Crisis Deception

Image Allison Dinner/AFP Warwick, RI -- Today, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Ray McKay, issued the following statement on President Joe Biden's recent executive order on the border.  McKay criticized the order as a desperate attempt to salvage a crisis of Biden's own making, just months before the upcoming election. McKay also called out Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse for his extreme position on open borders. "President Biden created this border crisis from day one with his reckless policies," McKay stated. "Now, as the election approaches, he's trying to cover up his failures with a last-minute executive order. This is nothing more than a blatant political stunt. "Since taking office, President Biden's administration has implemented policies that have encouraged illegal immigration, leading to an unprecedented surge at the southern border. Communities are overwhelmed, resources are stretched thin, and national security is compromised. &

McKay Highlights Representative Patricia Morgan's Failures at Press Conference

Warwick, RI -- Today, Ray McKay, Republican candidate for the US Senate, held a press conference outside Representative Patricia Morgan's campaign headquarters to address critical issues impacting the upcoming Republican Primary. McKay emphasized Morgan's refusal to participate in public debates and her problematic track record of not supporting Republican candidates. Let's start by talking about debates," stated McKay. "Debates are crucial because they give voters the opportunity to hear directly from the candidates, to understand their positions, and to evaluate their ability to handle tough questions. Sadly, Representative Morgan has chosen to opt out of participating in public debates." McKay also discussed Morgan's track record in the 2018 election cycle, where her endorsement of an independent candidate over the Republican nominee contributed to the party's loss in the gubernatorial race.  "In 2018, instead of rallying behind the Republican

McKay Statement Condemning Egregious Overreach of Freedom of Speech

Warwick, RI — Ray McKay, Republican candidate for the US Senate, released the following statement condemning the Biden administration’s recent actions against the Knights of Columbus. “The denial of a permit for their longstanding Memorial Day mass at Poplar Grove National Cemetery is an unacceptable infringement on our constitutional rights,” said McKay. “The Biden administration’s actions against the Knights of Columbus’ Memorial Day mass constitute a direct assault on religious freedom and free speech. This overreach must be condemned. “Unlike Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, who remains silent, I will always stand up for our constitutional rights,” McKay said.

McKay Urges Representative Morgan to Participate in Debates Before September Primary Election

Warwick, RI -- Ray McKay, Republican candidate for the US Senate, has formally requested State Representative Patricia Morgan, also a candidate for the US Senate, to participate in a series of debates ahead of the September 10 election. Despite receiving invitations from both the Rhode Island Republican Party and the Rhode Island Young Republicans, Representative Morgan has declined to engage in debates, raising concerns among voters regarding transparency and accountability. McKay emphasized the critical role of debates in the electoral process, stating, "Debates are essential for voters to assess the qualifications and positions of candidates. Voters must have the opportunity to hear directly from both candidates and evaluate their readiness to represent Rhode Island." The formal request includes a proposal for three debates to be held before the primary election, providing a platform for candidates to present their views on key issues facing the state. "I expect Repre

McKay Stands with Texas Governor Abbott and the Citizens of Texas

U.S. Senate candidate Raymond T. McKay announced last night his full support for the “Texas First” policy being enacted by Governor Abbott to protect the well-being of the citizens of Texas in the midst of the Washington, DC (Biden) administration created humanitarian crisis of illegal aliens surging, and indeed invading through an undefended southern border. McKay stated, “The woefully understaffed border patrol with limited resources are unable to halt the illegal invasion and humanitarian crisis we are witnessing at the southern border. The federal government is responsible for protecting the sovereignty of our nation at its borders and her citizens within its borders. When the Federal government refuses to provide for the national defense, it abdicates its Constitutionally defined role of protector and that role must then fall upon the shoulders of the governors whose states have been put into harms way by the wanton neglect of the federal government . . .”