McKay Highlights Representative Patricia Morgan's Failures at Press Conference

Warwick, RI -- Today, Ray McKay, Republican candidate for the US Senate, held a press conference outside Representative Patricia Morgan's campaign headquarters to address critical issues impacting the upcoming Republican Primary. McKay emphasized Morgan's refusal to participate in public debates and her problematic track record of not supporting Republican candidates.

Let's start by talking about debates," stated McKay. "Debates are crucial because they give voters the opportunity to hear directly from the candidates, to understand their positions, and to evaluate their ability to handle tough questions. Sadly, Representative Morgan has chosen to opt out of participating in public debates."

McKay also discussed Morgan's track record in the 2018 election cycle, where her endorsement of an independent candidate over the Republican nominee contributed to the party's loss in the gubernatorial race. 

"In 2018, instead of rallying behind the Republican nominee after her loss in the primary, Representative Morgan chose to endorse an independent candidate. This divisive action split the vote and ultimately cost us the election," McKay said. "As a result, Rhode Island missed out on the chance for positive change."

McKay criticized Morgan for her refusal to work collaboratively with fellow Republicans in the State House, stressing the need for leaders who support their party and work towards common goals while maintaining the courage to stand up for what is right. 

"We need leaders who are committed to supporting their team and working collaboratively towards our common goals," he said. "Throughout my career, I have consistently supported my fellow Republicans and fought tirelessly to advance our conservative agenda."

"As your candidate for the US Senate, I will work tirelessly for the good of all Rhode Islanders. Together, we can overcome the challenges facing our state and create a brighter future for all."