McKay Urges Representative Morgan to Participate in Debates Before September Primary Election

Warwick, RI -- Ray McKay, Republican candidate for the US Senate, has formally requested State Representative Patricia Morgan, also a candidate for the US Senate, to participate in a series of debates ahead of the September 10 election.

Despite receiving invitations from both the Rhode Island Republican Party and the Rhode Island Young Republicans, Representative Morgan has declined to engage in debates, raising concerns among voters regarding transparency and accountability.

McKay emphasized the critical role of debates in the electoral process, stating, "Debates are essential for voters to assess the qualifications and positions of candidates. Voters must have the opportunity to hear directly from both candidates and evaluate their readiness to represent Rhode Island."

The formal request includes a proposal for three debates to be held before the primary election, providing a platform for candidates to present their views on key issues facing the state.

"I expect Representative Morgan to promptly confirm her participation in these debates," McKay stated. "Failure to engage in this essential aspect of the electoral process will only raise doubts about her commitment to transparency and accountability as a candidate for public office."