McKay Blasts Biden's Border Crisis Deception Allison Dinner/AFP

Warwick, RI -- Today, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Ray McKay, issued the following statement on President Joe Biden's recent executive order on the border. 

McKay criticized the order as a desperate attempt to salvage a crisis of Biden's own making, just months before the upcoming election. McKay also called out Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse for his extreme position on open borders.

"President Biden created this border crisis from day one with his reckless policies," McKay stated. "Now, as the election approaches, he's trying to cover up his failures with a last-minute executive order. This is nothing more than a blatant political stunt.

"Since taking office, President Biden's administration has implemented policies that have encouraged illegal immigration, leading to an unprecedented surge at the southern border. Communities are overwhelmed, resources are stretched thin, and national security is compromised.

"Americans see through this charade," McKay continued. "We don't need temporary fixes or empty gestures. We need real solutions. 

"As your next U.S. Senator, I will fight for secure borders, enforce our immigration laws, and ensure that our immigration system works for Americans. Sheldon Whitehouse’s radical position on open borders has made the situation worse. 

"Enough with the political games—it's time for real leadership."